Product Description

Modena balsamic vinegar cream: how to extend the pleasure of taste

Modena balsamic vinegar cream is a relatively recent product, created to extend the taste of balsamic vinegar in an extremely versatile way. A condiment that stands out for its practicality of use in the name of the balance between moderate acidity and the unmistakable sweetness of cooked grape must. Thanks to this exquisite cream it is possible to garnish, refine and create measured flavor contrasts for an infinite number of foods, ranging from appetizers to desserts .

Advice from the Salumiere Fiorucci

The balsamic vinegar cream gives a touch of magic in the kitchen. I recommend you try it in combination with cheeses, especially aged ones , such as a 30-month Parmigiano Reggiano, but also as a garnish for your salads , without forgetting fried fish or battered vegetables. 


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